Cooperation of Polish science and ICOH stream

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Publish date: 19.06.2024

Cooperation between Polish science and the ICOH trend

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Polish science on the international stage

Polish scientists have enjoyed international recognition for years. In terms of scientific research, Poland is often cited as one of the leading European countries. Our scientific institutes and universities have many achievements to their credit, both in the humanities and natural sciences.

One of the most important aspects of cooperation between Polish science and international partners is participation in international scientific conferences. One of the most prestigious events in this regard is the International Society for Occupational Health Science (ICOH). Poland has undoubted achievements in occupational health research, which contributes to the growing interest of Polish scientists in this leading international forum.

ICOH is an organization that brings together scientists from around the world to address occupational health issues. The research stream includes studies on the impact of working conditions on health, risk factors and prevention. Access to the latest research and cooperation with international specialists in this field has a positive impact on the development of Polish science and provides access to information that is relevant to society.

Cooperation of Polish scientists with ICOH

Many Polish scientists are actively involved in ICOH activities. They take part in the organization of conferences, present the results of their research and participate in thematic sessions. Poland is often mentioned as one of the countries that makes a significant contribution to the development of occupational health science. Our scientists gain the opportunity to present their achievements and exchange experiences with international experts. This is not only an honor for our scientists, but also a chance to further develop their research and observe the latest trends in occupational health.

Moreover, Polish scientists often cooperate with international research teams to carry out scientific projects. Working together enables them to exchange experience, transfer knowledge and jointly develop solutions that have real significance for the health of workers around the world. Polish science is gaining more and more recognition among its colleagues from other countries, which confirms the high level of research and the contribution of our scientists to the development of occupational health science.


Cooperation of Polish science with the ICOH stream is of great importance for the development of occupational health research. Access to international cooperation, exchange of experience and the opportunity to present their achievements at prestigious conferences contribute to the further development of Polish science. Joint work with international research teams allows the development of solutions relevant to the health of workers around the world. Polish science is increasingly recognized internationally, which proves its high level and contribution to the development of occupational health science.

Stay up to date with the latest research and developments in occupational health follow the cooperation of Polish science with the international ICOH stream!



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