Departments and committees operating under the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH)

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Departments and committees operating at the International Congress of Occupational Hygiene (ICOH)

As an international organization of occupational hygiene experts and professionals, the International Congress of Occupational Hygiene (ICOH) plays an important role in promoting the health and safety of working people. ICOH's goal is to share knowledge, current research and develop standards that promote optimal working conditions. As part of its activities, the Congress creates various divisions and committees that focus on different aspects of occupational hygiene.

ICOH divisions

Division of Epidemio-logy and Occupational Accident Statistics
This department studies and analyzes epidemic data, workplace accident statistics and develops recommendations to reduce the risk of occupational diseases and accidents.

Ergonomics Department
Ergonomics is the science of adapting working conditions to human psychology and physiology. This department focuses on optimizing working conditions and developing tools and principles that help prevent pathological conditions caused by improper workstation settings.

Department of Occupational Medicine
The Occupational Medicine Department is dedicated to research related to the impact of the work environment on the health of employees. Specialists in this field strive to identify and control harmful factors present in the workplace and solve problems related to occupational diseases.

Occupational Health Organization Department
This department deals with the management and organization of occupational health care. The goal is to provide appropriate preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures to help maintain the health of employees.

Occupational Health Psychology Department
Occupational Health Psychology studies the impact of work on the psyche of employees, particularly stress factors, burnout syndrome and general mental well-being. The department is involved in identifying factors affecting employees' mental health and developing strategies for managing stress in the workplace.

ICOH Committees

Research and Methodology Committee
The purpose of this committee is to develop and promote best research practices in the field of occupational hygiene. It also develops standards and guidelines for research methodology and promotes the scientific exchange of knowledge among researchers.

Committee on Legal Affairs in Occupational Hygiene
This committee focuses on analyzing and promoting industrial hygiene regulations at the international level. It ensures compliance with existing regulations and supports legislative initiatives to improve the safety and health of workers around the world.

Committee on Special Occupational Groups
This committee focuses on examining occupational health issues in various occupational groups, such as miners, chemical workers and health care workers. It develops principles and recommendations for health and safety protection in these specific fields.

Education and Training Committee
This committee aims to promote occupational hygiene education and training and facilitate access to high-quality curricula. It also supports initiatives related to improving the professional skills of occupational hygiene experts and specialists.

Committee on Chemical Hazards
This committee focuses on the study and understanding of the risks associated with chemical agents in the workplace. It develops guidelines for the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and promotes awareness of prevention and safety.

Committee on Air Pollution in the Workplace
This committee studies air quality in the workplace and its impact on workers' health. It develops standards for monitoring and controlling air pollution and promotes measures to improve air quality in the workplace.

Machinery Safety Committee
This committee focuses on analyzing the risks associated with equipment and machinery in the workplace. It works with machinery manufacturers to improve equipment safety and develops rules for the safe use of machinery by workers.

Workplace Health Promotion Committee
This committee promotes health and well-being in the workplace by developing strategies and recommendations covering physical, mental and social aspects. It works to create healthy work environments and supports initiatives to improve employees' quality of life.

Committee on Biological Hazards
This committee focuses on researching and understanding the risks associated with biological agents in the workplace, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. It develops principles and guidelines for preventing infections and minimizing risks from these agents in the workplace.

Committee on Ionizing Radiation Hazards
This committee focuses on the study and control of ionizing radiation hazards in the workplace. It develops standards and guidelines for radiation safety and promotes activities to minimize the risks associated with this hazard.

As part of its activities, the International Congress of Occupational Hygiene (ICOH) creates departments and committees that focus on various aspects of occupational hygiene. All of these structures under ICOH aim to promote research, exchange knowledge and develop standards that improve the health and safety of workers around the world.



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