Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the activities of the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene

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Publish date: 19.06.2024


The COVID-19 pandemic, which erupted in early 2020, has had a huge impact on many areas of life and the global economy. One organization that has had to adapt to the new reality is the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (MOH), which has been working for years to promote safety and health in the workplace.

New challenges in organizing the congress

The pandemic has caused many challenges for congress organizations around the world. The MOH, as an international organization, has been forced to redefine its operations and communications. Faced with travel and meeting restrictions, the MOH had to find new ways to reach its global community.

Many changes were made to the way congresses were organized and conducted. Instead of traditional, on-site meetings, the MOH began holding congresses in a virtual format. This allowed participants from all over the world to attend events without having to travel.

Although organizing congresses online is a challenge, the MOH has successfully adapted to the new reality. The combination of technological tools and occupational hygiene expertise allowed the MOH to continue to educate and share the experiences of international experts.

Financial implications

The pandemic has also had a significant impact on the MOH's financial resources. The cancellation of traditional congresses, which had been generating revenue for the organization, significantly reduced its ability to fund its activities. The MOH has had to focus on finding new sources of funding and optimizing costs.

In addition, the pandemic has affected current congress-related budgets. Due to pandemic-related constraints, the number of online congress attendees may have been lower than for a traditional congress. This, in turn, affected revenue from participation fees, which was a significant part of the organization's budget. The MOH had to adapt to this situation and take measures to balance the organization's budget.

Impact on networking

One of the most important aspects of the MOH is to maintain contacts among occupational hygiene experts. However, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the ability to meet and share experiences. The MOH has had to develop new ways to keep in touch so that community members can further leverage the knowledge and skills of other members of the organization.

For this reason, the MOH has intensified its online activities. Regular webinars are held where experts share their knowledge on the latest developments in occupational hygiene. In addition, the MOH is developing a network of contacts through social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, where members of the organization can establish new relationships and collaborate.

The future of the International Occupational Hygiene Congress

Faced with the pandemic and its impact on MOH operations, the organization is using the situation to analyze and restructure its strategy. The pandemic has forced the MOH to adapt to the new reality and develop new skills, such as organizing online congresses. This experience can also be used in the future, even after the pandemic has subsided.

The MOH plans to continue organizing congresses in a hybrid format, combining traditional land-based meetings with online participation. This will make it possible to reach more people who cannot physically attend the congresses, as well as provide more flexibility for participants.

It is also worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization and use of online tools in many fields. The MOH intends to continue developing its online platform to enable easier access to knowledge and exchange of experiences in the field of occupational hygiene.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the activities of the International Occupational Hygiene Congress. The organization has had to adapt to new challenges, such as organizing online congresses, optimizing its budget and keeping in touch with community members. However, the MOH is using the situation as an opportunity to develop and restructure its strategy to better respond to the changing needs and challenges in the field of occupational hygiene.



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