Importance of scientific research for the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH)

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Publish date: 19.06.2024

Importance of scientific research to the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH)

Research plays a key role in advancing the field of occupational hygiene and ensuring safe and healthy conditions in the workplace. The International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH) is one of the most important events in the field, attracting researchers, practitioners and policymakers from around the world. In this article, we'll take a look at the importance of scientific research to ICOH and how it influences the improvement of occupational hygiene practices.

Defining the goals of scientific research

In order to understand the importance of scientific research to ICOH, it is useful to first look at the goals of research. The main goal of occupational hygiene research is to identify work-related hazards and develop effective strategies to prevent and reduce these hazards. Occupational hygiene research also helps evaluate the effectiveness of existing standards, regulations and countermeasures, as well as develop new technologies and methods to protect workers' health.

To achieve these goals, scientific research is carried out by occupational hygiene researchers and experts. They collect data, analyze it and draw conclusions that serve to improve workplace safety and health practices.

Roles of scientific research in the development of ICOH

Research plays a key role in the development of the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH). The organization is dedicated to promoting knowledge and sharing experience in the field of occupational hygiene, and research is the basis for creating new knowledge and best practices.

ICOH holds regular conferences where scientists present the results of their research. Many of these scientists are members of ICOH Scientific Committees, working on various occupational hygiene topics such as chemistry, biology, ergonomics and psychology. The research results presented not only inform scientists, but also provide a basis for developing new recommendations and guidelines.

Impact of scientific research on occupational hygiene practices

Scientific research has a huge impact on occupational hygiene practices. The results of this research are used to develop new standards, guidelines and procedures that help prevent work-related hazards. Occupational hygiene practitioners use these results to assess occupational risks and develop appropriate protective measures for workers.

Research also influences the development of occupational hygiene technology and innovation. Researchers are developing new diagnostic tools, measurement methods and protective measures that make occupational hygiene practices more effective. This research also makes it possible to improve occupational hygiene training methods for employees and promote a healthy work culture.


Research plays an extremely important role in the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH) and in improving occupational hygiene practices. They are key to identifying and reducing work-related hazards, developing new technologies and overseeing the effectiveness of existing standards and regulations. Therefore, it is important to support occupational hygiene research and promote its results to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all workers around the world.



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