International occupational safety standards undertaken by the International Occupational Hygiene Congress

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International occupational safety standards undertaken by the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene

Occupational safety is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being of workers and the efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, there are a number of organizations and institutions that are engaged in developing and implementing international occupational safety standards. One such organization is the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene (ICOH).

TheInternational Congress of Occupational Hygiene is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting research, practices and activities related to occupational health and safety. The Congress brings together experts from various fields, such as medical science, engineering, environmental protection and psychology, to jointly develop and promote occupational safety principles around the world.

The role and importance of occupational safety standards

Occupational safety standards are an important tool in ensuring best practices in protecting the health and safety of workers. They provide guidance on the minimum requirements that should be met to ensure adequate working conditions. These standards take into account various aspects, such as protection from hazardous substances, physical hazards or psychosocial stressors.

Why is it so important to have international standards for occupational safety? Because work is a global phenomenon, and workers around the world should be protected from the hazards of their jobs. International standards provide a uniform approach to occupational safety that is understood and applied around the world.

These standards help minimize the risk of accidents and occupational illnesses, improve working conditions and provide adequate health protection for workers. They are not only beneficial for the workers themselves, but also for companies, which not only improve their financial performance, but also gain a better social reputation and build trust with their customers and stakeholders.

Examples of international occupational safety standards

ICOH, in cooperation with other organizations, has developed a number of international occupational safety standards. Below are some of them:

1. International Occupational Safety and Health Management System (ISO 45001) This is a standard that defines requirements and guidelines for an occupational safety and health management system. It helps companies improve their practices, identify hazards, and monitor and minimize risks.

2. International Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) This is a U.S. law that regulates worker safety and health. It provides adequate provisions for protection against physical, chemical and biological hazards.

3. International Convention on Occupational Safety and Health (Convention 155) This is an International Labor Organization (ILO) convention that defines the main principles and practices of occupational safety and health. The Convention aims to protect workers by promoting safe and healthy working conditions.

4. Polaft's International Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines (OSHGF) These guidelines were developed by the International Association for Workplace Safety and Health (IAWHP) and focus on promoting safety and health in the workplace. They provide a valuable tool for employers and employees.


Today, when globalization is widespread, the existence of international occupational safety standards is vital. They enable workers around the world to enjoy proper working conditions, minimizing the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.

The International Occupational Hygiene Congress plays an important role in developing and promoting such standards, which contribute to improving occupational safety at all levels. It is through such initiatives that we can build a safe and healthy work environment that affects the well-being and success of both employees and businesses.



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