New challenges and opportunities for the International Occupational Hygiene Congress in the era of technological development

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Publish date: 19.06.2024

New challenges and opportunities for the International Occupational Hygiene Congress in the era of technological development

The changing world of work

In today's rapidly evolving technological world, work is becoming an increasingly complex and challenging endeavor. Not only new technologies, but also changing social and demographic trends are influencing the challenges facing the international community of workers and employers.

As one of the industry's leading events, theInternational Congress on Industrial Hygiene (MIKHP) cannot be indifferent to these changes. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences on new challenges and opportunities brought by the era of technological development.

New risks to workers' health

With the development of technology, there are also new risks to the health and safety of workers. The presence of harmful chemicals, electromagnetic radiation or the negative impact of prolonged use of electronic devices are just some of the problems we face.

It is important that the International Congress on Occupational Hygiene take up these issues and jointly seek solutions to ensure healthy working conditions for all workers around the world.


knowledge and experience of speakers from different fields can contribute to the creation of global standards for occupational health and safety.

Occupational hygiene enabling technologies

However, technological developments not only bring new risks, but also provide opportunities to effectively combat them. Innovative solutions such as smart devices that monitor working conditions, warning systems or automated procedures can significantly contribute to improving efficiency and occupational safety.

MIKHP should ensure that the congress has a place for presentations and discussions on these new technologies. Congress participants could learn about the latest developments in occupational hygiene and find ways to implement them in their workplaces.

Developing professional competence

In an era of technological development, it is becoming essential not only to have knowledge of new technologies, but also to be able to use them in practice. For this reason, it is important for MIKHP to focus on developing the professional competencies of congress participants.

Additional workshops, trainings and presentations can help congress participants expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. Organizers should ensure that the educational offerings are diverse and tailored to different industries and professional groups.


New challenges and opportunities in the era of technological development present the International Congress of Industrial Hygiene with many tasks to perform. It is important for this congress to be a space open to cooperation and exchange of experiences, where experts from different fields can discuss the best ways to deal with new risks to workers' health.

The integration of innovative technologies, the development of professional competence and the creation of global occupational health and safety standards are three key areas where MIKHP should direct its efforts. Without appropriate action and cooperation, we will not be able to face the new challenges and risks that the era of technological development brings.



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